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Alimony is also referred to as spousal support and can be ordered for either spouse.  Alimony is not restricted to divorce scenarios and may also be obtained in situations where a spouse feels compelled to request support unconnected to a divorce.  Florida law provides different forms of alimony such as bridge-the-gap alimony, rehabilitative alimony, temporary alimony, durational alimony or permanent alimony.  There are numerous factors a Court weighs when considering whether alimony is appropriate in a particular circumstance in addition to the needs of the requesting spouse and the ability the other spouse has to pay support.   When there is a substantial unanticipated change, such as an extended period of reduced income, cohabitation, or a change in needs, change in ability to pay, for example, an individual can request that alimony be modified, terminated or abated for a period of time.  In the event that a spouse refuses to pay alimony as ordered, it is important to retain an attorney that will aggressively and quickly work to enforce a prior Court order.